Tooth loss is a very serious problem in the UK, with 31% of adults experiencing some form of tooth decay. Missing teeth can cause a host of issues, from simple discomfort to more severe conditions. If you’re mourning your lost teeth, dentures could be the perfect treatment to help you get your life and teeth back on track.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Tooth decay is the most prevalent cause of tooth loss. Most people are made aware of the importance of oral hygiene from an early age. If you neglect your dental hygiene, plaque can build up and cause problems. If left unchecked, this bacteria-filled substance can harden and lead to tooth decay. The importance of maintaining good oral hygiene cannot be overstated. It would be best if you educated yourself on keeping your mouth healthy to prevent this situation. It’s also a good idea to see your dentist regularly. Attending routine checkups can help you avoid losing teeth.
Some people are simply more likely to get tooth decay than others. It’s not always due to dental neglect; sometimes genetics play a role in determining your oral health. Alternatively, you may have suffered from an injury that has knocked one or more of your teeth out. We offer emergency dental appointments here at Wallington Smiles for those in this situation.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Those missing a full dental arch of teeth should opt for complete dentures, while anyone with just one or two missing teeth would benefit from partial dentures.
Missing teeth can cause pain and make it hard for you to eat and speak clearly. Wallington Smiles provides the best cosmetic and specialist dental treatments in the area to help you feel good about your smile.
If you’ve been looking for a way to make yourself look and feel more confident, dentures might be just what the doctor ordered. The feeling of having full, healthy teeth is a fantastic thing. With dentures, you’ll be able to eat and talk without any difficulty in no time at all!

What Happens After?

After receiving custom dentures, you may experience minor discomfort for a few days as your mouth gets used to the feeling. It’s important to see your dentist after your procedure so they can check on your progress and make sure everything is going smoothly.
You should avoid hard and crunchy foods for a few days after your procedure to avoid causing pain or discomfort. When you eat with your dentures, try cutting up food into small pieces to avoid dislodging anything.

Visit Wallington Smiles for the Best Dental Care

There’s no reason you should have to suffer through tooth loss. With custom-fit dentures, you can feel confident in yourself again and restore your mouth functionality. The team at Wallington Smiles is always happy to help with any enquiries or book a consultation. We’ll make sure that your mouth feels as good again in no time at all!

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