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At Wallington Smiles, we understand the difficulties of having misaligned teeth. Many people have trouble talking and eating when their mouths are out of alignment. We offer Invisalign in Carshalton to give you back your smile! At Wallington Smiles, we care for all. We provide invisible braces to treat misaligned teeth in people of different ages, from young to older adults. These invisible braces are effective and popular among patients because they can be used effectively without affecting your teeth’ overall appearance or functionality like traditional metal ones do.

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Here at Wallington Smiles, we use superior 3D computer-imaging technology to design the perfect representation of how your teeth will look when you are finished. Our Invisalign professionals will show you what this final result looks like before going into treatment, so there aren’t any surprises! Invisalign is an excellent choice if you’re in Carshalton or looking for a quick way to straighten out your smile without pain or discomfort.

Wallington Smiles has built a reputation for excellence in the dental industry. Homeowners living or working in Carshalton are looking for trustworthy professionals to provide them with one-of-a-kind care. The Wallington Smiles team ensures that you will receive gentle treatments from dentists who have received extensive training at accredited universities no matter what your age. If any member of your family needs Invisalign near Carshalton, contact us today.


Wallington Smiles has experienced dentists who have a deep knowledge of orthodontics tools and methods. They will offer you Invisalign in Carshalton, clear or transparent aligners (plastic trays) customised to fit your oral needs. A collection of these custom braces is made based on the shape of your teeth, jawline and facial structure; they provide total comfort and protection during straightening.

Throughout the treatment and set of trays, your teeth will gradually move towards their final position. Once you are done with all the steps in Invisalign, you’ll feel confident to smile again!

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Invisalign is a popular way to straighten your teeth without the pain and social embarrassment of braces. The reasons for its popularity are;

  • You can be aware of your oral health conditions, potential risks, and treatment procedures.
  • The dentist will identify the issues early and start the treatment before it worsens.
  • If there are any serious issues, our dentists will recognise them at the primary stage and start the treatment without any delays to control the situation.
  • Your routine oral health will be maintained.

Invisalign is an efficient method to solve a variety of teeth alignment issues. With the help of these trays, from Crooked Teeth to Malocclusion and Protruding Teeth, you can get your jawline in perfect positioning with our dentists’ guarantee.

Wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day to get the full potential of Wallington Smiles’ Invisalign. These non-invasive and removable braces are perfect whether you’re attending social gatherings or want teeth straightening that looks naturally elegant. Our experts recommend wearing these undetectable dental appliances so you can have confidence in maintaining healthy smiles all year round!

These trays are convenient to wear for a more extended period. They are almost invisible, so you can wear them with no worries whilst attending social gatherings. We use techniques to make these trays removable and easy to maintain. The experts of Wallington Smiles recommend wearing the aligners for at least 20 hours a day to make sure you get their full potential.

At our dentist surgery, we understand that crooked teeth and misaligned jawlines can cause embarrassment for many. We help patients consider the benefits of Invisalign before deciding to go through with it, as this has been shown to improve one’s overall confidence.

If you are looking for teeth straightening treatment in Wallington, then look no further than us. Invisalign in Carshalton is effective because it works quicker than traditional braces and produces bespoke invisibility aligners that fit perfectly as per your oral structure prescriptions.


Invisalign Consultations allow you to view virtual results, helping you decide if Invisalign is right for your treatment and lifestyle. You can also see what the development of an entire treatment plan would look like before getting started! If Wallington Smiles sounds like a good fit for your teeth care or work/life balance needs, give us a call today – we’d love to meet with you in Wallington Smiles.

There are several ways to contact our team: you can Book an Appointment through the website or email us.

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