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Invisalign in Wallington offers a range of dental treatments for various kinds of dental issues. Invisalign treats misaligned teeth and jawlines. Those with misaligned teeth often suffer from many problems, including talking, eating and sometimes during social interactions. At Wallington Smiles, we understand your concerns and find practical and accurate solutions. Invisible Braces are another form of treatment to fix misaligned teeth; it is effective and popular. Different age groups may use these braces to improve their uneven teeth, from children to young adults. At Wallington Smiles, we care for all, preparing the most pleasing experience.

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Here at Wallington Smiles, our Invisalign techniques use superior 3D computer-imaging technology to design the perfect representation of the positioning of your teeth at the beginning of your treatment. Our Invisalign professionals will demonstrate the ideal shape and form of the final desired positions of your teeth. Invisalign in Wallington confirms that the result will be fast and effective.

Wallington has several Commercial and Residential buildings. Homeowners living and working in this town look for trustworthy and effective dental solutions. At Wallington Smiles, we have highly qualified dentists who can treat children as well as adults, so if any of your family members need Invisalign in Wallington, they can contact us today for a consultation and treatment.


Wallington Smiles has experienced dentists who have specific knowledge about orthodontics tools and methods. They will offer you custom made Invisalign treatments to accommodate your oral needs. A collection of clear or transparent aligners (plastic trays) will be provided based on the shape of your teeth, jawline and facial structure. These custom made dental braces are created to give you total comfort and protection during the teeth straightening process.

As you continue through the treatment and set of trays, your teeth will gradually start to move, meaning your teeth will move towards the final step of positioning, according to the pictures you were shown before the Invisalign treatment began. Once the treatment is over, you will be so happy with the outcome, feeling confident to smile again.

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Invisalign is recognised as one of the most popular and ways to straighten teeth without the pain and social embarrassment due to them being almost invisible. When you visit Wallington Smiles for this treatment, you will experience all the advantages of Invisalign. Reasons for its popularity are;

  • You can be aware of your oral health conditions, potential risks, and treatment procedures.
  • The dentist will identify the issues early and start the treatment before it worsens.
  • If there are any serious issues, our dentists will recognise them at the primary stage and start the treatment without any delays to control the situation.
  • Your routine oral health will be maintained.

Invisalign is a highly effective way to solve teeth alignment issues. With the help of these trays, from problems such as Crooked Teeth, Malocclusion, Protruding Teeth and Overbite to an Underbite, everything can be solved. Our expert dentists will guarantee that the tray will work, providing you with the perfect positioning of your jawline and teeth.

Wallington Smiles has created Invisalign trays with the most advanced technologies making them safe and comfortable. The dentists review them at every stage of your treatment to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident whilst wearing them as per your requirements. 

These trays are convenient to wear for a more extended period. They are almost invisible so you can wear them with no worries whilst attending social gatherings. We use techniques to make these trays removable and easy to maintain. The experts of Wallington Smiles recommend wearing the aligners for at least 20 hours a day to make sure you get their full potential. 

Crooked teeth and misaligned jawlines can cause social embarrassment for a lot of people. At our dentist surgery, we talk to patients before implying Invisalign to make sure they make the right decision. However, Invisalign has been said to improve your confidence overall.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign works a lot quicker. Those who are looking for effective teeth straightening treatments in Wallington can contact us today. We produce bespoke Invisible Aligners that are specially designed as per your oral structure and treatment prescriptions.


We offer Invisalign Consultations to give you virtual results along with a precise treatment plan. These results will help you decide before you start the treatment. In addition, you can see how your teeth are thought to look at the end of the Invisalign treatment.

If you wish to get outstanding dental care and live or work in Wallington and the surrounding areas, Wallington Smiles is the place for you.

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