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Reliable Dental Services

Wallington Smiles is one of the few names you can trust for experienced and trained dentists in Wallington. They have years of experience in the industry and can help you choose the right type of dental treatment which can improve the appearance and health of your teeth and gums. Visit our dental clinic for a dental check-up or examination, and we will customise a suitable package for you.
Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Our dentists use advanced techniques as per industry standards, so you can enjoy a pain-free experience in a professional and friendly environment. We are renowned for providing gentle and patient-focused dentistry. If you want to improve the appeal of your dentures, get in touch with our dentists. You can even approach us for a wide variety of prosthetic dental attachments.
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Our emergency dentists are aware of the importance of oral health and can provide personalised, gentle and comprehensive patient care. We value your dental hygiene and use state-of-the-art equipment designed with safety.
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The demand for our general dentistry services is always quite high as we maintain all the standard protocols. You don’t have to worry about infection risks after undergoing our dental treatments.
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At Wallington Smiles, dental implants are much more than replacing your missing teeth. We give patients the confidence to smile.
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If you want to make your smile flawless and increase your self-confidence, get in touch with our dentists today for cosmetic dentistry.

Few Benefits Offered By Our Dental Treatments

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About Our Local Dentists

We believe that the experience and expertise of our local dentists are the basis of our success. They have relevant experience in detecting the specific problem in your teeth and suggest the type of dentistry services you need. Getting properly shaped, whiter and shinier teeth will become easier with our local dentists by your side.

Everyone approaching us for oral implants or treatment of gum problems can expect outstanding dental work. Not only do we have the most capable dentists, but our multi-speciality clinic also has the latest tools required for advanced dental treatments like braces and implants. Irrespective of the type of dental treatment you need, you can get the highest levels of patient care and reasonably-priced aesthetic dentistry for optimum health. If you are looking for complete dental solutions at reasonable prices, get in touch with our dentists today at Wallington Smiles.

Trust the Experts For Teeth Whitening

Wallington Smiles is one of the most preferred names for teeth whitening services in and around Wallington. Get in touch with our dentists if you are unsatisfied with your teeth’s colour or appearance. They will explain the various benefits you can have by undergoing the treatment. They will also share a few pre and post-treatment tips so your teeth whitening results can last longer.

You can deal with ageing and discolouration and transform the appearance of your smile with our teeth whitening services. A unique feature of the service is that it is entirely customisable. It is an integral part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Schedule one or two visits with our dentists, and you will notice that your teeth have become visibly whiter and smoother to touch. Whiter teeth mean you can showcase your smile with more confidence. A bright smile will reflect your confident persona in a more dynamic way.

Few Steps We Follow During Teeth Whitening

About Our Emergency Dentists

At Wallington Smiles we let the skills and expertise of our emergency dentists speak for themselves. To make our services more accessible, we are now open on Saturday mornings and can also offer assistance on weekday evenings until 8.30 pm. All our emergency dentists can provide quality private dentistry to treat your dental issue. They know how to make your dental experience hassle-free and can deliver aesthetic dentistry for optimum health.

Since neglecting the dental issues can cause severe damage to your teeth, visit our dentists immediately if you ever experience a tooth or gum ache. We will schedule an emergency appointment with one of our dentists on the same day if required. We can handle all types of emergency dental issues so you can have complete peace of mind.
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Few Services Offered By Our Dentists

Ensure Your Oral Health With Our Dental Services

Wallington Smiles is widely preferred by people looking for complete oral care in Wallington. Our dentists are very concerned about the oral hygiene of our patients. We specialise in scaling and polishing teeth and can advise on oral hygiene. Visit us, and we will explain why regular brushing, flossing and following proper preventive dental care is a part of your oral hygiene regime. We will assess the condition of your teeth and provide you with the right guidance and advice to improve your dental health. We will create a comprehensive dental health routine and use the latest special tools to clean the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth.
We always use advanced teeth scaling and polishing techniques to remove the stains without damaging your teeth. With years of industry presence, our dentists are trained to identify the issue in your teeth before they start affecting your oral health. Not only will we help you keep your teeth clean but also monitor them to identify early signs of gum decay or tooth problems. You can deal with dental issues easily if you can identify them at an early stage.

Why Hire Our Dentists In Wallington?

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