Dentists In Carshalton

If you want to reduce the risk of losing your teeth, get in touch with the expert dentists at Wallington Smiles Dental. They offer the highest level of patient care so you can brighten your smile. They have made a name in the industry by providing quality private dentistry in and around Carshalton.

Visit them for dental care services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. All their dentists are friendly, gentle and caring.

3 Dental Services Offered By Dentists At Wallington Smiles Dental

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Their dentists will first evaluate your teeth and smile before determining the type of cosmetic dentistry service you need. A few of the common services they offer are smile makeovers, teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign, white fillings and gum line correction. All of these aim at improving the appearance of your teeth. Dental whitening is one of the most common services offered by them.

  • General Dentistry

The general dentists at Wallington Smiles Dental provide dental care to people of all ages. Schedule a visit to their clinic where the dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. A few of the common types of general dentistry services offered by them are preventive care, crowns and bridges, surgical extractions and children dentistry. Professional cleaning helps a great deal in improving your oral health.

  • Specialist Dentistry

All their dental specialists undergo training at fixed intervals to serve their patients better. They specialise in specific dental services and have advanced skills and knowledge of their area of expertise. Get in touch with one if you are suffering from any hereditary issue or if your overall dental health has deteriorated. The common specialist dentistry services offered by them are periodontics, dental implants and prosthetics.

Since you are now aware of all the common dental services offered by dentists at Wallington Smiles Dental, it is time you visit their clinic.

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