Wallington Dentistry All-On-4

Wallington Dentistry All-On-4 is the latest dental technology that will have your teeth repaired in just one day. You can enjoy reduced waiting time and pain, so you go back to life sooner!

How does the Process of All-On-4 Work?

A fixed bridge will be attached to your teeth on the day of Surgery. In some rarer circumstances, it can also happen that one or two missing tooth(s) are replaced with implants in their place before extraction if necessary. The placement and number depend mainly on what’s left at both the upper arch area and lower jaw. Usually, these decisions have already been made by then!

When it comes to dental care, our team is always available. We want you to have the best experience possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us if your teeth are bothering or painful! During step one of this process (the consultation), we examine not just what kind of treatment fits with your goal as well as X-rays if needed, which means no more worrying about painful procedures like extractions and implants until after all other options are explored first hand by meeting with our dentists.

What if I feel Nervous about the Surgery?

We’re happy to offer sedation services so that you can feel more relaxed whilst at the dentist. Our dental anaesthesia will put your mind at ease and allow for straightforward procedures during Surgery, such as placing implants or fitting an implant-retained bridge!

What is the Aftercare Process?

After a procedure like this, you may be wondering what to expect. Luckily for our patients who have undergone an implant replacement procedure at Wallington Smiles, they are supported throughout the entire process by experienced staff that can offer guidance and answer any questions along the way! A lot goes down during these types of procedures, which usually includes anaesthesia as well, but luckily, plenty knows precisely how best to provide relief once post-treatment discomfort or pain medication needs arise, so don’t worry because it’s all taken care of by experts waiting on behalf where your mouth is concerned, we won’t let anything happen without first consulting with you about everything until complete healing occurs.

Want a bright smile that will make you happy? Get All-On-4 dentistry near Wallington from the experts at Wallington Smiles. We guarantee secure procedures and trained experts to ensure your new teeth leave us feeling like we have done our best for any patient and you feeling the happiest in the world with your new and improved smile!

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